Our goal is to be your first choice.

Depona started with a vision of renewing and improving the Swedish archive market with innovative user interfaces, better service levels, more customer-adapted solutions, greater flexibility and higher quality at an attractive price.

Already during the early years we achieved parts of our vision thanks to customers who shared our view of how the best archive service should work.

The horizons widen, our visions today make us constantly strive to be at the absolute forefront of the Nordic archive market and be your first choice for your information management.

Depona is a stable company, is entirely Swedish-owned, and has sound finances with the highest credit rating. Consistent management with a focus on long-term steady growth with a low loan to value ratio guarantees that Depona has the resources to handle your information in the best way, even far into the future.

All are welcome. Those of you with just a few ledgers are as welcome as an organization with thousands of shelf metres and regardless of scale we have affordable options to suit you.

Depona is flexible and adapts to your needs and our strategically located archives allow you to always have Depona relatively close.

Depona’s physical and digital archives are extremely secure, our entire business is ISO-certified for quality and environment by Bureau Veritas.

We take responsibility for our environment, we are systematic in our efforts to reduce our energy consumption and ensure that the energy we use is as clean as possible.

Depona allocates significant funds to an environment-promoting foundation for climate compensation and annually donates large sums to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and SOS Children’s Villages International because it is not only a privilege but also perhaps also an obligation to help when you can.

Regardless of the service or product you are using Depona for you can be sure that we are a conscious and discreet supplier who provides one of the best solutions available and always at a low and justifiable cost.