Archiving of physical and digital documents is our speciality.

All activities produce information that you need to save, often for your own needs, to fulfil agreements and always to a certain extent to comply with legislation.

No matter why you want to save your information, it is very important that the risk of harm is minimized, that security is high and that authorized people have easy, instant access to the information when it is needed, delivered in the desired format, physically or digitally.

Archiving securely and in a structured manner oneself requires financial resources for dedicated premises and man hours to maintain an acceptable level.

Depona specializes in records management and within the group we have been providing archiving for a steadily increasing number of customers for 35 years.

What we have seen over the years is that by far the most central aspect of archiving regardless of type or duration is a structured, efficient archive where nothing undesirable can occur. Where orders are made without the need for detailed knowledge on the part of the user and the process is so uncomplicated that it is a delight to archive and use the archived material. When you experience the archive as a resource and secure you have succeeded!

The Book-keeping Act regulates all Swedish companies and sets the requirements for how archiving is to be done.

“Documents, microprinting and machine-readable media used to preserve accounting information should be durable and easily accessible.” (Excerpt from the Act (2010:1514)).

“They should be stored in Sweden, in orderly condition, and in a secure and orderly manner.” (Excerpt from the Act (2010:1514)).

Activities that are for example under the jurisdiction of the Financial Supervision Authority and process personal data or public authorities are subject to much more explicit requirements.

We leave it to you to interpret the legislation in your specific case but in our view the legislator means that regardless of type businesses and organizations have a far-reaching responsibility to organize and protect their information and keep it available.

The most stringent requirements, however, seem to come from our customers’ own clients and customers, that is to say that the requirement from society at large is that relevant information be handled with utmost confidentiality and be readily accessible, which requires a well-organized archive whether it be digital or physical.

If you want to raise yourself to a level that you are comfortable with and want to become more efficient, we can help you with anything that has to do with records management, from advice on file formats, archive boxes, archiving of a few boxes to taking over or running extensive archive operations.