Depona bridges the border between analogue and digital.

When you have a mix of digital and physical information that you need for your activities, Depona helps you compile and present the information.

Depona’s strength in scanning and digital archiving is to tailor small and medium-size assignments entirely according to your preferences. We have highly skilled employees, many with extensive experience, which allows us to digitize virtually all formats and types of media. Regardless of whether you have unusual document formats, drawings, books, micrography, photographs or a completely standard assignment, we have equipment and personnel ready for scanning and delivery in the desired format.

We help you bridge the way from analogue to digital. If a desired function is not available for purchase, our system developers often write applications to enable you to achieve the functionality you desire.

Depona’s digital archiving enables you to collect all your information together be it in digital or physical form. For you as a customer, it is essential that sensitive information be managed securely and that it is easily accessible when needed. We believe it is an advantage to archive information in a location that is completely separate from your other server operations. Stability and redundancy in our archive servers is very good, which is why we feel secure in our mission to manage your digital archive.